More Goodness For You Ledisi Fans

Check out Ledisi sangin' her latest single "Alright" and holding court during an in-store performance to promote her blazing new CD Lost and Found in the video above.

And speaking of "Alright," there's a treat for you go-go heads out there. LedLo Music has produced a go-go remix to the song that you can listen to on their MySpace page. What you feel like doin', y'all? Feel like movin' that body. Sorry we got a little carried away. Moving right along...

Brickfish has launched a contest to design a tour poster for Ledisi. The winning designer will be hand-selected by Ledisi and will "receive an iPod loaded with her new album Lost and Found plus have their design be the poster for Ledisi's tour." The contest runs from now until October 10th, 2007 so get to designing all of you graphically-inclined folks.

Check out more video of Ledisi having church while performing "Today" live after the bounce:

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