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In honor of the release of her brand new CD, Lost and Found, is proud to present our very first artist interview with the powerful songstress, Ledisi. It was a joy and a delight to chat with Ledisi about her major label debut, and she opened up on a variety of topics including what inspired the new disc, working with Miguel Migs (yeah, we had to represent for the house heads), her love of performing live (even in the rain) and what we can expect next from her.

We've listened to Lost and Found, and the album is a bonafide gem. In a sea of major-label mediocrity, Ledisi's voice shines and the songs are meaningful, thought-provoking, soulful, jazzy and funky. This one belongs in your collection. Lost and Found is in stores now.

Behind the Groove with Ledisi

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*Music from Lost and Found played during the interview:
"Think Of You,"
and "Alright

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5 Responses

  1. Great interview with a dynamic artist. Butta definitely had a rapport with her. I look forward to more interviews with similar artists. It really gives you insight into the thinking / creative process behind the new album.

  2. Can't wait to get the new album! And Butta this was a great interview!

  3. Go 'head Butta... you are really gettin it done! I'm proud of you, that was a great interview. I can't wait to cop dat album!

  4. always amazing..those who dont know do your homework!!

  5. I was @ the Capital JazzFest and U r right, she is a great performer. Loved your questions, straight to the point. Got turned on to your site by Ledisi.
    Enjoyed the interview so much, keep up the good work.