Lupe Fiasco Goes Real Basic In “Dumb It Down” Vid

They told me I should come down, cousin,

But I flatly refused.
I ain't dumb down nothin'.

The new Lupe Fiasco vid for "Dumb It Down" has hit the net, and we couldn't post this clip quick enough. Even though the black-and-white hip-hop video thing has been done so many times before, this particular video and the visuals therein actually works for this song.

But what do our savvy SoulBounce readers think? Is this minimalist video a smart move for Lupe or should he have gone for something high concept? Did he dumb it down too much?

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3 Responses

  1. The video is good, but is more or less an extension of an excellent song.
    This won't sell but will win him more followers & secure the one's he has. He has to contend with his contemporaries such as Kanye & Common, and then morons such as 50 & Soujaboy, an interesting situation.
    But I love how he does his own thing & hasn't let go of what moves him as an artist, whether that is to coporate America or coporate hip-hop.
    Bravo Fiasco.

  2. I think the video could have used a little more and that it's a little too minimal. That being said, it's a refreshing change from the typical "hood" shots and the cars/dubs videos associated with 99% of rap videos. I don't think he needed to go too high concept, but I think he needed more of "something" for this video.

  3. The black and white flavor works. The virtuo-inverted feel of the video also works and keeps you engaged. It's a big-league power move to "do you" in the face of mainstream hip-hop presentation. I think he's buildin' it and people are coming. Good looks on the video.