Morning Soul: Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop

  • Who's checking for that solo disc on September 25th? Peep the two-part MySpace TV album preview if that happens to be you. [Think2wice]
  • Kanye and Common are up for this year's BET Hip Hop Awards (YES!) but so are the Chicken Noodle Soup dance and "A Bay Bay" (NO! NO! HELL NO!) [BET]
  • Didn't pay your cable bill and missed Mos Def and Cornel West chatting with Bill Maher on HBO last week? No worries--that's what YouTube is for. [Real Talk NY]
  • The Wild Style Art Exhibition opens in Washington, D.C. tonight with filmmaker Charlie Ahearn, Chief Rocker Busy Bee and DJ Stylus in the house. We. Are. So. There. [Dissident]

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2 Responses

  1. I so needed to hear that Blackstar this morning. Learned that a former resident of the planet of Brooklyn passed and this will make the daily play list in his memory.

  2. One of the best alliances in hip hop indeed.


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