Rebel Yell: It’s Going Down Alicia’s Way

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Disciples of neo-soul diva Alicia Keys can count on a whole new flavor when As I Am drops Nov. 13. "I just was really adamant about doing things that were not expected," the ivory-tickling wunderkind told the New York Times recently. For her third studio release, Keys is aiming to shake things up by offering a rock 'n' soul of sorts, adding shades of U2 and other rock mainstays to a mix she describes as "rebellious."

That can't be anything but a good look.

Alicia's certainly kept it moving over the last few years, as a live album and film roles in Smokin' Aces and The Nanny Diaries have all been welcome additions to her lengthy list of successes. And her newest single, "No One," is already creating a buzz: The groover is this week's Hot Shot Debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 71, with a major leap expected for next week.

Through it all, people can expect a new, more honest Alicia to put it down. "And I'm done with being a person that doesn't understand themselves because it's being detrimental to my health and my spirit and my mind," she told the New York Times. "Everybody's in trouble now because I will tell it like it is."

Don't say she didn't warn ya'll.

Alicia Keys: "No One"

A Neo-Soul Star as She Is: Nurturing Her Inner Rebel [NYT (sub req'd)]

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10 Responses

  1. I like it. Alicia is a force and she will be doin her thing for years to come. Now you just need to do a piece on you know who. LOL

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this song. I like it, but her vocals seem sooooo forced! People actually liked her performance @ the VMAs...I thought it was kinda whack. It's obvious that she tries to push the envelope every time she comes out with new material, but sometimes it can come off contrived. Like I always hear another song in music. It's cool and it's not.

  3. Hmmm.. I like Alicia, particularly her work on Diary. I'm not particularly thrilled with the new song, but I know the album will be good. She is an artist who makes an effort to put out good material, which is rare these days. As someone posted, she will be around for a long time, because she continues to evolve with each new album. She is also a very articulate, intelligent, graceful, and beautiful young woman. She's holding it down and making herself a great role model for young girls.

  4. I love Alicia's prior work...and I'm sure the new product will also be exceptional. I only wish she would have recorded one of the songs I sent her....since they were tailor made for her voice. Oh well maybe next time.

  5. People will like the new song, and it will sell because of her name alone. I don't know about the entire album, but I know I do not like No One. It saounds to me like she's trying too hard to be the Alicia Keys everyone wants her to be, like India.Arie and her clothes, it just gets old.

  6. hey gurl i love ur new song it is so kool

  7. hey gurl i love ur new song it is so kool

  8. i luv all of ur music .... and i luv u i want to look like u some day.

  9. Alicia U R a great person I love your songs I'm your biggest fan 🙂
    Hey did I allready tell you I am a big FAN & that I your new song U R just S.O.S 2 Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey love the CD As I am:) !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alicia Keys is a very talented induvidual, every song she put out is a hit. From "Fallin" to "Like You'll never see me again". I got all of her cd's. Those are the ones that if I loose, I will buy again wit my last lil bit of money. Alicia Keys is GREATNESS personified. I'm in AWE!!!!