The Day We All Felt Guilty About Hip-Hop. Kinda.

  • Faux Kanye: "The iPod Touch doesn't care about black people!" [BlipTV]
  • The criminally underrated Bahamadia rocked the closing event of the "Estrojam" festival a few nights ago. For the uninitiated, "Estrojam features women artists, creates positive images for girls and gives a voice to underrepresented genres, themes and human beings." Not to diminish the cause, but I'm just laughing at the pairing of "jam" with "estro". [Pitchfork]
  • Mos Def is "disappointed and ashamed" at others in the Hip-Hop community for not supporting the Jena 6 cause, reminding us all how self-involved we are, and effectively recalling my Jewish grandmother. [HHE]
  • The Congressional Hip-Hop Hearings went down today on very extended long-play. Master P and David Banner (the very definitions of class) were both there because, as stated above, Mos Def had better things to do. In the end, nothing was solved. Excuses and rhetoric from both sides, natch. But hey, this wasn't a court case, so what can you expect? Jess live-blogged the whole thing. I guess I had to be there. [Idolator]
  • Even more guilt, courtesy of a likely network: BET News Presents Hip-Hop vs. America begins. What a bad time for them to learn the definition of "irony". [WaPo]
  • India.Arie told Will.I.Am he sounds good singing. Now I know where to send that very stern letter I've been working on. [LAT]

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