Who’s More ‘Addicted’? Amy or Neyo?

For the second time this week, we present to you Battle of the Beats, in which we match up two tracks with something in common. This time we're doing it for the gossip fiends that love reading all the trashy, tawdry goings on of our favorite stars. While we aren't that concerned with Neyo's sexual proclivities or Amy Winehouse's extra-medicational activities, it's quite fitting that today's battle involves two tracks named "Addicted".

On this one, I'll have to admit I'm rather torn. As for you, SoulBounce Reader, no "ties" or "draws". And if you must declare one, tell us why.

Amy Winehouse: "Addicted"

Neyo: "Addicted"

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4 Responses

  1. (Nova, how are you going to be "torn" but we can't be! I call shenanigans!!)
    okay...damn...ya'll don't make this easy...hmmm...some points if I may:
    1.) The thought of sex with Ne-yo ruins the mental images his song SHOULD bring, HOWEVER it's not a bad song, the boy can write and arrange a song.
    2.) Being a connoisseur of the Fogg, myself, Amy's song really touched me in places that usually only well...the Fogg does. Plus I dig Amy's voice even though a lot of folks hate on her. *note to Amy-what you are singing about DOES NOT make one appear the way you have lately*
    I vote for Amy, I have a soft spot for fiends.

  2. Amy by a landslide.
    Memo to Ne-Yo:
    No one cares.
    The Public

  3. Amy Winehouse!!! I have both of these albums but Amy has a wonderful voice!! Her album is really good!!

  4. neyo for sure