Did You Catch Musiq Soulchild on ‘The Game’ Last Night?

musiq_game.jpgI, like you, probs, was expecting either a heartfelt serenade or full-on performance. Sadly, all we got was Musiq Soulchild "rehearsing" behind the scenes by his lonesome. As in most sitcoms that feature a guest appearance by a popular artist, his lines were few and injected with enough wit to carry the scene. Let's hope he makes a return before Luvanmusiq runs out of steam.

But enough of that. Did ya'll see Melanie climb up in the bed with Malik and start begging for it? OMFG!

Musiq Soulchild: "Teach Me (Maurice Joshua Remix)"

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3 Responses

  1. The Game keeps getting jucier and jucier!!

  2. The show was really good. I never would have thought a CW show would have me in such a trance.

  3. This so is the one! It is what Girlfriends use to be about 3 years ago!!
    You remember when Tony and Joan's boyfirend where caught on the couch about to get down and dirty, when Joan walks in on them! Then Joan was about to bitch slap Tony!!!!
    I love it!!!!