Donnie Dials “911”

Atlanta-based soul singer Donnie has just released a new video for the song "911" off of his latest release The Daily News. This is a very powerful clip for an equally thought-provoking song. Watch and let it marinate:

A few SoulBouncers will be checking out Donnie in concert with Julie Dexter on Friday night in Washington, D.C. at the Black Cat. Tickets are currently still available but that may change at a moment's notice at the venue notorious for selling out. Get yours soon if you plan on going!



1 Response

  1. Is it me, or does the "911" track from Donnie suffer under it's thick R&B production? I just think it could have been a stronger delivery with acoustic guitar, then acoustic drums, and moving it some organ and choir action at the end. That's me, though.


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