Morning Soul: Don’t Scream Too Loud

  • In lieu of her CD dropping before Nevruary 32nd, Amerie is back to singing hooks. We do suppose that a check is a check. [Hip-Hop Crunch]
  • Angie Stone opens up to Clay Cane about Celebrity Fit Club hateration and answers the requisite D'Angelo question. [VIBE]
  • At CMJ this week: "Q-Tip worked the crowd with the charisma of a young James Brown." Like, wow. [AllMusic Blog]
  • Free Amy Winehouse! [D-Listed]
  • Jill Scott's live words and sounds get a great review. [Jill Scott]
  • Heart & Soul magazine interviews SoulBounce fave Tamia. [Toya's World]

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2 Responses

  1. The Family - Screams Of Passion 🙂 Thanks for posting this.

  2. Prince knew some cool-ass white people back then.


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