New Videos From J*Davey, PPT & Strange Fruit Project, And The Basiqs

How can we get any work done with all of these hot new videos surfacing on the net? This week there are three videos that have our eyes and ears wide open. First up is J*Davey in a freaky yet hilarious romp with an extra from I, Robot (LOL). Next PPT comes with on ode to the G.R.I.T.S. in a vid that's a little low budget, but we're just geeked to see Strange Fruit Project. And lastly we have The Basiqs running from stalkers otherwise known as ex-girlfriends. This is some good stuff, family.

J*Davey - "Mr. Mister":

PPT featuring Strange Fruit Project - "Down South Girl":

The Basiqs - "She Won't (Let Me Go)":

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4 Responses

  1. P.P.T. ahh, Dallas representing...

  2. J*davey, the John and Jackie O. of L.A.. Royalty in the house...


  4. Yo whats up this is Pikahsso of PPT thank yall for pubbing up our Down South Girl Video I appreciate that I just accidentally saw this. Thanks for the love yeah i must admit the video is low budget we are just 3 struggling or should I say broke dudes from Dallas trying to get some shine. When yall get a chance peep the album Tres Monos In Love it has a video for every song thanks for the support.


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