Should I Be Offended That Bilal Wants to Do Certain Things To My Mother?

bilal.jpgAnother artist I'm missing like The Get Along Gang is Bilal. Dude's range is un-eff-witable! Here's a track produced by 88 Keys (Musiq) entitled, are you ready?...

"M.I.L.F." as in, "Mom I'd Like to ****".

The song itself is so smooth and laid-back that I'm almost ready to hand over ol' Moms along with some extra cash for popcorn and a soda. Almost. It's just good to hear the man's voice again. [Hat Tip: KnowXone]

88 Keys ft. Bilal: "MILF"

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3 Responses

  1. This song is killer! I've been missin' Bilal too. The one thing I'm cringing about is the upcoming project he's supposedly doing with Solange. What is that gonna be like, I wonder?

  2. I would buy an album with Bilal doing duets with an alley cat if it came down to it, but I hope and pray this ish with Solange is just a VICIOUS rumor.I should add that Bilal is one of the dopest singers/performers I've ever heard.

  3. I heart this song! But hell, I'm a Bilal stan. He could sing the ABCs and I'd still think it was the hotness. I don't know why ya'll have to miss him though. He is performing! Yippeeee!!!