SOUL-POLL: Whose Return Are You Most Looking Forward To?

dangelo_lauryn_maxwell_eryk.jpgAlthough they are well-known, artists like Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo form the foundation of this website. And how we miss them! They're enigmatic, eccentric, and immensely talented. So something's gotta give, right?

After the jump you will be faced with the arduous task of picking who you miss the most. I know. We're sadists over here at SoulBounce. Deal.

The Contenders:

D'Angelo: Last Seen in Song: Voodoo (2000); Forthcoming: James River; Shark Moment: The "Untitled" clip and subsequent legal troubles.

Lauryn Hill: Last Seen in Song: MTV Unplugged 2.0 (2002); Forthcoming: Unknown; Shark Moment: The Unplugged album was just the beginning...

Maxwell: Last Seen in Song: Now (2001); Forthcoming: Black Summer's Night; Shark Moment: His absence.

Erykah Badu: Last Seen in Song: Worldwide Underground (2003); Forthcoming: The Kabah; Shark Moment: None. She's always been "artistic".

Now vote or die (no Diddy).[Poll Closed!]

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21 Responses

  1. Who am I looking forward to the most?
    Maxwell ALL DAY
    Who do I miss the most?
    Pre-crazy Lauryn Hill


  3. maxwell. hands down.
    but im kinda curious to what d'angelo's coming with.
    is he off that crack yet?

  4. Can I choose all four? lol...all of these are great artists and I love them. I have all of their albums on my iPOD!!

  5. I LOVE me some ALL OF THEM. If I didn't have to choose just one I'd choose in this order:
    But those aren't the rules and I have to say that I'm most looking forward to Lauryn's return because the rest always come back with fire! but damn do I miss me some Lauryn!

  6. I know she's crazy, but I really need Lauryn Hill to return. Next would be a tie between Maxwell and my girl Erykah. A D'angelo return would be nice as well, but shit, this poll sucks. How can you choose between these four? I want them all to return.

  7. I gotta say i miss them all, cuz they're all great ARTISTS (not just empty-minded singers or socialites with some vocal ability). But if i gotta pick one it'd be Lauryn Hill cuz more than an artist she's been an inspiration for me and many other people. I don't understand why people is calling her crazy... just cuz she picked up an outfit that dont suit with what people think its "hot"? Or because Wyclef and Pras said they thought she was crazy (thy're not very "sane" either)? This would seem enough, but HAS SHE REALLY DONE ENYTHING CRAZY? IF she IS i hope she gets better and if she's NOT i hope people free their minds and try to understand her for what she is: someone different willing to change minds. Anyways, i hope to hear from her soon.

  8. Erykah never let's us down. Lauryn needs to have a seat. And D'Angelo should be able to bring some heat...should be...

  9. D'Angelo has always done it for me. As far as the others, I`m cool.

  10. I'm looking forward to Ms. Badu, who knows when we will get an album from D'Angelo, Maxwell, or Ms. Hill. If any of them come out I hope they bring some good music. Peace.

  11. I voted for Lauryn. But I have higher hopes for D'Angelo. Noticed you didn't count his sneaked-out singles "Really Love" or Lauryn's "Lose Myself" as their last songs... I had such high, fleeting hopes when those joints got released into the blogosphere. Still hoping.

  12. Hi, Bella. Erykah and Maxwell also had some recent leaks, but for the purposes of the post, I wanted to focus on full-length commercially-released albums since they do indicate significate output and activity.

  13. That's easy. Miss Lauren Hill!

  14. I'd really be interested in releases from D', Maxwell, or Erykah.
    I' got off the Lauryn train after that Unplugged CD.

  15. I love me some Maxwell and can not wait until his long over due return, but since you are not playing fair and I will have to say Erykah Badu!!

  16. This the hardest poll I have ever been a part of, EVA!
    I said D'Angelo based on his output pre- and post-Shark Jump moment.
    Maxwell kinda needed a little breather even though this break has gone on wayyyy too long.
    Erykah has been touring and stuff so i don't think of her as gone more so.. can some dude lay it on her till the point when she needs to confess that she loves him and/or hates him for not doing it more.
    And L-Boogie..??? Yo if crazy ass Wycelf is saying she lost it AND Pras is in agreement, I gotta believe she has kinda lost her way ..Dayum you, Marley kid!!

  17. I'm not voting, I am keeping an eye out for the next new kid to blow me away instead of sitting around hoping for Mr./Ms. Use ta be to top what they did way back when. Not like I'm done with those old albums anyway.

  18. Dammit, how did I miss this?
    Easily, Erykah (fellow Pisces) is my pick. She always comes with the goods. She's also the one who will support her release with a good tour.
    I'm curious about Maxwell, but not excited after hearing the "Little Wings" snippet. D'Angelo would be nice but after all this time, we've heard lots of D'Angelo-lites; how is he going to differentiate?
    As for Lauryn, I love Miseducation but nothing else; not the Fugees, not Unplugged and certainly not her last five years of crazy.

  19. Badu!!!! Can't wait til Saviour's Day!

  20. Lauryn Hill is amazingly talented, not only musically but in her spiritual insight as well