Thanx Phonte!


On September 8th:

All I ever wanted was for my music to be heard. If it was solely up to me I'd throw up a zshare laink for y'all to download tonight, rather than leave it in the hands of people seemingly hellbent on fucking up what many have called our best and most complete record to date. I never understood how animals could eat their young until now.

To all our fans, thanks for the support. It really means alot.

I'm taking some time off and going somewhere it ain't no mosquitoes at (c) Hov

Getback whenever/thefuckitleaks.

Peace and Love,

[Source: Little Brother Myspace]

If this is not the case and somebody played a joke on me (me of all people in the world! ME!), then my bad on the snitch...mad stool pigeon steez. Rattin' ninjas out interweb style. Standing on wordpress with a story to tell, ya dig. Shouts to Nation and ccluskin. Shouts to Carlitta Durand. I be boring her with my sneaker fiend talk.

Don't worry readers, I'ma purchasin'.

Update: I didn't get the text file in mine that Eskay got.

PS: XXL shorted them on the review, then again I'm biased.

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