Alicia Keys Breaks Records With ‘As I Am’

alicia_keys_new_promo_crop.jpgHer new disc has been getting mixed reviews from critics and SoulBounce readers, but that didn't stop Alicia Keys from steamrolling her way to the top of the charts with As I Am. Not only did she take that number one spot (besting Celine Dion's highly-anticipated return, no less), but she shattered chart records in the process. Since moving 742,246 first-week units, she had the biggest debut for a female R&B artist in SoundScan history and the second highest debut week this year behind Kanye West's Graduation. In addition, on the digital charts she had the highest selling digital album by a female artist ever. Ever.

Love it or hate it, the Alicia Keys train doesn't sound like it's gonna stop anytime soon.


5 Responses

  1. Numbers don't mean anything...And it's much easier when you have Clive in your corner...I'll take QUALITY over QUANTITY anytime...Maybe next time, she'll have me in awe...

  2. @Jennifer - Could it be that maybe you just don't have a taste for certain records that other people do? Just maybe, there is a small possibility that your opinion doesn't mean anything in the big picture?

  3. i'm just waiting on her to drop something with some real heat, i.e. a classic...i have really high expectations of her because she was introduced as this classical virtuoso meets hip hop and the streets...i wanna root for her but i need her to AMAZE me...i'm very critical with my music...

  4. Big ups to Alicia! I think it's nice to see a female doing it big in a man's world, so to speak. Now for Hillary to get in office and I'll be REAL happy!

  5. It's nice to see a broad w/ some real talent making it happen. Nobody's perfect and nobody's album is going to be perfect but this one is the shit. She's working all her perfect imperfections, a la Mary J. (don't front, y'all know she be straining too!), unlike some less talented but highly exposed artists out there. I give it up to Alicia; she ain't had to get half nekkid and start dancing for people to buy her music. That's TALENT bitches!!


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