Chante Moore vs. Trina Broussard in “The Riperton Remake Showdown”

I've been waiting for a minute to do this one.

Minnie Riperton is one of those artists that, if you remake one of her classics, you better put it down at all costs. You've got to respect the cajones of Chante Moore and Trina Broussard for even going there in the first place. From the New York Undercover Soundtrack is Chante's cover of "Inside My Love" and from recent Soul-Poll victor Love Jones is Trina's version.

Yeah, this is good one.

Chante Moore: "Inside My Love"

Trina Broussard: "Inside My Love"

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20 Responses

  1. another GREAT battle of the beats...ive always loved both of these versions but im gonna have to side with Chante on this one..i STILL listen to hers like it just dropped yesterday..while the backup and horns, along with her voice, on Trina's version are all highlights, u CANT deny the vocals by miss Chante, homegirl is sick with that note at the end..poor girls out now would collapse a lung tryin to hit half of its alil more laid back...and im all for laid back, after all..less is more

  2. This comparison is kinda hard. Different takes that are equally effective. However, Trina slightly does it more for me due to her adlibs and greater attention to background vocals - since she is a background vocalist. In trina's there's a greater presence of the male voice whereas in Chante's there is really no presence. Also Trina doesnt stay in the cut with singing with the chorus like Chante.
    This was a hard one..

  3. I refuse to even listen. As a big Riperton fan, I detest anyone remaking "Loving You". Give it a rest already.
    With the wealth of songs by soul pioneers why do contemporary artists get stuck covering the same songs over and over.

  4. Come on now, is this even a contest? To be fair I went and listened to them both again. The musicians held it down much better on Trina's joint. Those drums on Chante's stick out too much and are sitting a bit ahead of the beat. The low-end is jive thin too. And the oh so heavenly break down that is probably my favorite source material in all of hip-hop? Whoever played on this session needs to go back and study their Joe Sample voicings. So, the vocals... To Chante's credit her soprano does do Minnie some justice with the high notes but Trina's alto is sexier and full of longing, which is what this song is about. By the end there's no way that you're not convinced that some extraordinary lovin' is about to go down. Trina's background vocal arranging is much slicker too. And the little refrain Trina adds to the ultimate breakdown? That's the finishing move right there.... "inside this love with me...". GTFOH. Even Dilla had to touch that.
    *drops mic, struts off stage*

  5. um... Chante gets my vote!

  6. Trina.. this was a good match-up but.. for me it was almost no contest..

  7. Chante, who shares my name, does it for me but on this cut, sorry, Trina had it. It was an overall better track but Trina's voice was more sultry, seductive and had more passion and feeling behind it.

  8. This was a good match up, but Trina takes the crown on this one. Her voice was more grown and sexy while the band came with it to close the deal. Chante came to the party with store-bought cake while Trina came in with sweet potato pie - complete with broken crust.

  9. I love, love, love both of these women's gorgeous voices and they are definitely underrated. Having said that, I have to give it to Trina.
    Chante's version comes across as an homage to a voice and song that she loved. Chante never cut loose on the track like I know she can. She just gave a sweet tribute to Minnie's version.
    Trina went into the song knowing that her voice is nothing like Minnie's, she couldn't mess with the high notes, and the only way for her to successfully take on the song was to play to her own strengths - beauty of tone, passion, excellent interpretive abilities, and a beautiful arrangement.
    On another note, Trina's unreleased debut (also called Inside My Love) is a real soul/R&B CLASSIC. It is a travesty that such an excellent album never saw an official release.

  10. Trina killed it, hands down.

  11. Mmm...I enjoyed both!

  12. I gotta go with Trina Broussard here. She totally made the track her own and brought her flavor to it. Chante's version was decent but it can't touch the original or Trina.

  13. I liked both too. I absolutely adore this song, so maybe I'm just being bias.

  14. I'm gonna co-sign DJ Stylus' comment, 'cause he broke it down. Trina gets my vote.

  15. I like the fact that Trina added her own twist to the song but Chante captures the essence of the original & the vocal ability. So, Chante gets my vote.

  16. I was waiting for this line up to appear soon, I was just listening to both of the soundtracks that these songs come from and thought that this should be a battle of the beats. I have to say that Trina, not only made a great remake but it is now one of my favorite songs by her!! Love her album, if you do not have it, please pick it up.

  17. I liked both versions. Chante is my girl and there no singer out now that can hit those notes like her. Trina, I don't know her but she is banging she gives the song a strong, rich appeal. I think minnie would be okay with them.I look forward to hearing from Trina in the future.

  18. I love both Chante & Trina!! Chante's got the vocal abilities, no doubt! But, Jermaine Dupri & 'em orchestrated that music!! Trina's musical track was TIGHT!

  19. Ting-Ting (Trina's nickname), did it for me on this one! Her version is much more driving. They are both wonderful singers though!

  20. I just heard both and i do not know if some of u heard the original But Chante Moore Killed it, sung it sultry an sexy an hit the notes the way the song was to be sung..crystle clear ..Tina sounds nice if u wanna change the song around an make it yours but she cant touch Chante On sorry ,but Chante Moore Got this hands down..Ps I hear the actual soundtrack an she is very clear


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