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mos_def_true_magic.jpgMos Def's latest album True Magic, released this past January, has been plagued with drama between Mos and his label company, Geffen. Apparently, the same-old record label dissatisfaction of this album not having a identifiable single has been the reason for the lack of PR behind this album. Additionally, this album was made to fulfill a contractual obligation between himself and Geffen, which had absorbed his original label, Rawkus Records. To add more fuel to the fire, the album was released much like a bootleg CD--no artwork and in a clear plastic case.

Interestingly enough, one of the albums track's "Undeniable," was nominated for a Grammy this year for Best Rap Solo Performance. Not surprisingly, Geffen re-released the CD with full artwork months later. This album also contains the song "Katrina Clap," which Mos was performing outside the MTV Video Music Awards last year when he was arrested for performing without a permit outside Radio City Music Hall.  

Mos Def: "Undeniable"

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3 Responses

  1. True Magic was definitely a good cd. Mos has never got the publicity/marketing push he needs. Geffen = dumb.

  2. Mos is the truth. I had this album on heavy rotation in my iPod way before I knew about the Grammy nomination. I wouldn't even have my online moniker if it wasn't for THE NEW DANGER intro song...the world needs 2 wake up and stop sleeping on the true artists of our time!

  3. I'm definitely impressed. You just made a fan for life! I SO feel you on this record...