Marsha Ambrosius Declares That ‘Neo Soul Is Dead’

marsha-ambrosius-neo-soul-is-dead-the-chronic_mixtape.jpgMarsha Ambrosius, best known as the Songstress from the group Floetry, signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label last year and is currently working on her debut solo album set to drop in '08. When I first heard of her association with Dre I was excited yet skeptical. Excited because the good Dr. is one helluva producer and could do wonders with Marsha's voice on top of his beats, but skeptical because I recall that I had high hopes when En Vogue wild child, Dawn Robinson, linked up with Aftermath and we see how that deal went the way of the dinosaur.

But unlike Dawn, since signing with Dre, Marsha has stayed on her grind and been heard on hooks from tracks by various rappers including Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Freeway. This summer she reformed Floetry for a brief tour with Amanda Diva taking Natalie Stewart's place, much to the chagrin of fans who were expecting to see the O.G. Floacist. And now a new mixtape, Neo Soul Is Dead: The Chronic Mixtape, has hit the scene to whet listeners appetites for the full disc.

Aside from the eye-roll inducing title, it was the subtitle that really caught my attention. Marsha Ambrosius singing over beats from The Chronic? NOWAYOHMYGOD! With that combination, I knew that this mixtape was going to be pure fire. Um, not so much.

I should have known that something was suspect about this mixtape when I saw Marsha flippin' a bird on the cover. And after listening to it, it is clear that she's giving the finger to her long-time fans. Don't listen to this expecting to hear the sweet, sensuous, PG-13 Floetry-style jams. Oh no my brother, you got to get your own Floetic and Flo'Ology for that fluffy stuff. On Neo Soul Is Dead, Marsha is going hard, cussing, singing about getting blunted and hustling, and all types of madness. If I wanted to hear all that I'd listen to my Jaguar Wright albums, thank you very much. Parental Advisory sticker aside, is it too much to ask to get my soul music without a side of filth, flarn, filth?

Sorry if I sound like Bill Cosby up in here, but this mixtape is a hot disappointing mess. My verdict: HATED IT. And it truly pains me to say that. Yes, she's singing over The Chronic classics, "Nothin' But A 'G' Thang" and "Dre Day" to name a few, but her voice is ultimately wasted here. There is only one song on this mixtape that I would listen to with any frequency and that's this track:

Marsha Ambrosius: "Ya Don't Know"

I saw a statement from Marsha on Aftermath's website about NSID. She stated, "It's a mixtape. Not a direct reflection of whats to come on my album. Well, other than the fact that I'm doin what I want to do and havin fun while doin it in my Dirty 30 stance." I suppose that gives me some modicum of hope that her album may be worth listening to, and as a fan I will give it a chance despite this mixtape mistake misstep. 

Clocking in at a whopping 23 minutes (with an additional nine minutes taken up with promos for Cassidy and Mario's recent releases), you won't have to invest a lot of time in listening to Neo Soul Is Dead. If you can get past all the yelling and talking from DJ Drama, Don Cannon, DJ Aktive, Ant Live and Sterling Simms (with whom she also sings a duet to the tune of Jodeci's "Love You For Life") the tracks on the mixtape are very short and it'll be over before you know it. Thank goodness.

Click here to download Neo Soul Is Dead

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17 Responses

    Not feeling this
    Tired lyrics with even tired-er recycled beats

  2. uh, hasn't neo-soul BEEN dead?? hate that term

  3. Why Marsha, why?? This is not a good look. Maybe she needs the floicist to put her back on track.

  4. I'm so disappointed in this whole project.

  5. I knew this was a bad idea when I learned that she signed to Aftermath.

  6. i could not believe she signed with aftermath. to be honest, when i hear someone signs with them i think "record industry red tape..." how many talented folks have signed with aftermath only to leave?
    to be honest, i never felt Floetry though. my wife and i tried and tried to feel them but it never came

  7. If you listen to track 2 they state that its just for her to get some stuff off her chest. I pray thats true. I saw this was out and started calling my other soul lovers man i kicked my self after listening.

  8. I cant believe this. From what Im seeing here, she is looking like quite a sell-out. Why would she go and name the mixtape "Neo Soul is Dead." That doesnt even sound right. Sounds a little familiar. Hence Nas'album. Then she has the nerve to straighten her hair... like she is some new person. Like she dont know how she got into the business. Wow... If I ever seen such bulls***.

  9. Marsha needs to grow up! She needs to get the hell away from that record label as fast as she can. She could have done better than Aftermath. Ya'll know what happened to Pac after he went to the West coast and started talking shit. Let's pray that this chick wisens up fast.

  10. Im feeling that track, sounds like Marsha been thru a lil something, let her do her thang she entitled to do something different, im sure her love for neo-soul will never die... I will def get this cd for the summer bang

  11. who's track is that on "YA DON'T KNOW"? schitt is frrresh.

  12. I understand something or someone has hurt her but this is not the way to display that. I loved her music and always believed she could do well on your own, but not like this. She now has straight hair, gangster lyrics and instead of making love now she wants to F%@k. Take some time out and rediscover yourself, return your talent to it rightful place.....Neo Soul. I agree its dying without talent like yours but it’s far from dead.

  13. this makes me sad.. She is too good for this and I hope she realizes that.

  14. Everybody Stop Hatin!!!
    The MixTape was hot....
    it was a banger....
    from lyrics,choice of tracks , how they were lined up & the cutting....
    Most of the people commenting on here only expect her to go one way ...
    sh came different...and ya'll are all hatin.
    then ya'll probably only listen to what the radio feeds ya'll or ya'll only listen the same old stuff....
    and last......
    Grow up.....
    & Stop Hatin your whole life!!!

  15. ya dont know and like this r the best but whats goin on ft game is hard bt dats not on ere even tho it is over a overlyreceycled beat i dun care reminds me of gta sanandreas.....i tink she jus tryna hav fun 2 tel da truth nd i respect dat its her life

  16. Wow, I see miss Marsha got alot of haters, most of yall talk about how yall were her fans , and just cause she changed a lil bit yall drop her like a bad habit. Its obvious she had another side to herself she wanted to show, ya dont know, she says how she been throgh stuff, and we all go through something. Real fans would have her back no matter what, not hating cause she's woman enough to change and let herself go cause you're to uptight to do the same. Love you Marsha, do your thing, f*ck those hata you we get new and more fans by taking an different aproach in this music business.