Not Very Princely?

evil_prince.jpgIt is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge this post by Perez Hilton (a/k/a "Evil Muffin") about Prince going after his fans for infringement. Yes, I was verklempt too. If we are to believe the following press release snippet from Prince Fans United (P.F.U.! Ha!), Prince doesn't understand the point and purpose of fansites. He doesn't understand "fair use" and that fans are, well, FANS!

Prince's representatives have requested that the fansites provide them with "substantive details of the means by which you [the fansites] propose to compensate our clients [Paisley Park Enterprises, NPG Records and Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)] for damages..."

The owners of the three largest fansites supporting Prince:, and have come together to fight back to what amounts to an injustice to the fansites and the very fans who have supported Prince's career, many since the very beginning nearly thirty years ago.

Part of me is hoping this isn't true. The other part is more like "And? Do what Prince says! If he tells you to go purify your be-hind in the waters of Lake Minnetonka or hump an eggplant then that's what you do! Don't question His Purpleness!"

Prince Hates His Fans! [Perez]


3 Responses

  1. So Prince forgot that without his fans there is no Prince?
    He forgot that fair use is a legal loophole that allows media of any level to use images and other media to accompany literature and parody.
    I hate to say it but he is either a dumb a$$, this isn't true, or he is already mentally compromised by his aging.

  2. Before you all jump off about this or that. The truth to the matter is that those websites in question were/are bootlegging his material. They were the ones postin' video of his "21 Nights In London" tour on YouTube. They were even sharing full concert footage between selected members of these sites. Fair Use is one thing, bootleggin is another whole issue.
    What they fail to mention, is that Prince asked them numerous times to stop the illegal stuff, but was met with resistance. Also, two of the websites in question (the ones making the big stink) aren't even American websites. Which makes them feel safe from legal action here in the states.
    There is more to this story than what the, "PFU" wants out there about the real motive behind their actions. It's really scandalous.

  3. The demands go as far as mandating that the sites pull down pictures fans have taken of their own tattoos, as well as photos of their Prince-inspired license plates.
    I think he's taking this a tad far...