Tweet Gives Us A Taste


When a new song from Tweet leaked a few weeks ago, it raised a few eyebrows over here at SoulBounce. "My Dear" featuring T.I. was not only uninspired but a reworking of a Ciara leftover. In other words, it wasn't exactly a good look for the southern hummingbird. However, now a sampler from her forthcoming album Love, Tweet has surfaced, and it's given us some hope. The sampler features "My Dear" in its entirety (oh joy) and surprisingly lengthy snippets from eight other songs. Have a listen below and let us know if Tweet has a winning combination on her hands or if she should book some more studio time.

Love, Tweet Sampler

Click here to download the Love, Tweet sampler

Love, Tweet sampler track list:

  1. My Dear ft. T.I
  2. Them There Eyes
  3. Anymore
  4. I Just Wanna
  5. Remedy
  6. Real Lady
  7. Everything
  8. Can't Live
  9. Cruisin'
  10. Anymore Outro


1 Response

  1. I like Tweet, I really do. But this freebie isn’t doing anything for me. If I wasn’t already a fan there isn’t anything on here that would turn me into a fan. I lost a lot of my music while transferring it to Itunes earlier this year so I don’t have her earlier albums to listen to right now but I’m just not that all impressed. Track #3 sounds like an earlier track.
    I’m at track 7…. I know she’s used this beat before!!!
    I’m an R&B chick, give me a good, heart wrenching ballad and I’ll sing-a-long with that song for days. There isn’t even a ballad to catch my attention. Tweet, as a fan, you need more studio time and some new beats.