Where There is Hope, There is Jermaine Jackson

Not for nothing, but we intimated a lil' while ago about the J5 reunion tour rumor that's currently making the rounds. But it's been given further credence by Jermaine Jackson himself, who invokes this wish every so often and is also threatening saying that the six brothers are in the studio recording new material! What could they possibly be singing about? Anytime Jay-Z makes a song about being over 30, I have to wonder what the Jackson brothers (who are collectively 308 years old) will come up with. Also, what's up with Jermaine's afro in this clip? It looks like a hat!

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  1. What’s this like the 100th reunion tour for them? How many damn reunions are they going to have? And aren’t they a bit long in the tooth to keep doing those moves? The last time I saw Michael on stage, his moves weren’t as fluid as they used to be. He couldn’t quite complete his spins and he had to catch his breath between Moonwalks. Mike will be 50 next year. Something tells me that the famous Moonwalk will become the Moonwalker, because he’s going to need a walker to assist him if he keeps doing these reunion tours


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