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  1. I want to say thanks to the SoulBounce crew for all your efforts over the past few months. I've been introduced to new music/artists and get to keep track of "old school" artists thanks to you. SoulBounce is my new MTV, BET, and VH1.

  2. Write Tilt, said it all!
    Thank you SoulBounce! Can't wait to see what 2008 brings!

  3. Nova I've been following you since mid '07 when I stumbled across You've introduced me to some new and interesting artists (Erro) and kept me in touch with some old favs (Maxwell). Thank you. And I look forward to continuing to checking in on you and the other writers in '08.

  4. love this site. can't wait to see what '08 brings.

  5. Well, I'm super excited for what you guys have in store for 2008. I'll definitely be tuned in! Keep it up!

  6. Blessings upon your lovely heads
    Happy New Year ^_^
    Flourish and Prosper in the '08

  7. So you figured out a scoring scheme for the Top 100? Did SoulBounce hire a mathematician to devise a special algorithm?
    Y'all bammas keep mashing in '08. I'll keep lurking in the comments with my $.02

  8. Congrats Nova!!! I'm just happy to see you kept it going. I'm looking forward to your big splash in '08 -- and if you want to take this further, I got your biz back -- fo' real!!!
    On another note, because you didn't mention it, does it mean that you'll no longer subject yourself to listening to the late afternoon/early evening traffi c jam of any urban radio station usa?

  9. Much thanks for SoulBounce. Keep doing what you do! I love it & I'm excited to see the thoughts & sounds y'all bring our way in '08!