Amanda Diva Is ‘Supa-Woman’

As a poet/television host/singer/DJ/MC with a Master's degree, Amanda Diva
is a true "Supa-Woman," and in her new song by the same name she's letting us know just how fly she is. A music video has just surfaced for the cut that has a little something for hip-hop heads, soul lovers and the Caribbean massive. Diva is readying the release of her EP, Life Experience, available exclusively iTunes on December 18th. It's already on my shopping list.

All Supa-Women stand up! This one is for you us.

Amanda Diva


1 Response

  1. Thank you for highlighting Amanda. Impressive to see someone in the industry who has education beyond the college degree. She has something to fall back on. Much of the same philosophy of Hill Harper who has a law degree and a masters. Maybe this will inspire a young person to pursue higher education! Thanks for the enlightenment!


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