And In Eric Roberson News

This past Sunday I went to see Eric Roberson perform in Baltimore at Eden's Lounge, and as per usual it was a fantastic concert. If you've ever been to an Erro show, which if you haven't I strongly suggest having been to eight of them myself, then such a stellar performance was to be expected. However, what was unexpected was his announcement that he is back in the studio and has already completed five songs. Oh! Happy! Day! Not that I'm tired of his February release, ...Left, because that stays in heavy rotation in the Butta household. But the possibility of new tunes at some point soon from one of my favorite artists is enough to make me break out into a soul clap, which I probably did Sunday night.

Here's some footage courtesy of Vivrant Thang of Erro making it do what it do during the crowd-pleaser "Change For Me." I see you, Curt Chambers. Franklin Bridge stand up!

Eric Roberson [Official][MySpace]

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