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The debut album of Muhsinah Abdul-Karim, D.C. native, music engineer, and chanteuse who is better known as Muhsinah, has been on heavy rotation in the personal music players of your friendly SoulBounce editors for quite some time now. With Daybreak, this soul sista has been influenced by many, many artists including (but not limited to) Chopin, J Dilla, and Alice Coltrane to name a few. If the term "experimental" is enough to induce a cold sweat resulting in your fleeing for safer environs, don't fear. Muhsinah's sound is like sweet molasses flowing deep into the grooves of a Coldplay track. "Reconstruction," featuring backwards melodies and an audio sample from The Wire sounds smoother than what you would initially imagine. Ditto for "Once Again," which uses a sample from Pharoah Sanders' "The Creator Has A Master Plan."  Trippy? Yes. Cosmic? Yes. Good? Yes. Should you cop this now? Yes. Just be forewarned that when the mothership comes to rescue us all, it will be Muhsinah's music that will carry us all back home. 

Video and music from Muhsinah after the jump...

Muhsinah: "Reconstruction"

Muhsinah: "Once Again"

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4 Responses

  1. I went to high school with Musinah!!! I'm so proud of her!!

  2. I can't help but say Muhsinah's voice is so similar to Georgia Anne Muldrow's, and it's crazy because it's such a distinct uncommon sound. Regardless, I love em both!

  3. I agree the cuts are very similar to Georgia Anne Muldrow, which just a touch of Badu for me.

  4. Awwww look at my bestest friend! She's so talented!!


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