Chrisette Michele Gets Sassy, Sexy In New Video

Ever since seeing Chrisette Michele's new video for "Be O.K." on VH1 Soul last week, I've been living for it to hit the net. It finally has and, although this isn't the greatest upload (don't watch her lips too closely because they won't be matching the words!),
you'll be able to appreciate it nonetheless. It's just great to see Chrisette in a video acting her age (24!) and strutting her sassy stuff while revenge shopping and hanging with her girls--and a cast member from Girlfriends, too. She even spits a few bars toward the end of the video. Let me find out young Chrisette has picked up a few things from being around with Jay-Z and Nas.


4 Responses

  1. Very addicted to this woman, this video, and picked up her album yesterday. (I don't buy albums) Love the glamor shot at 2/3 into the song. Also love the marketing magic behind her. Too bad that shit mostly works fo music and rap and not my books!

  2. That was nice:) There's nothing like a little retail therapy, especially after a breakup...
    btw, was that persia white i saw???

  3. what happened to on the track?? that made it for me

  4. yeah... Will would have been better than the odd rap she adds to it.
    I think this was a good single choice, but the video isn't too interesting.
    I do hope this gets more folks interested in her. I think "I Am" is one of 2007's best.