Could This Be A New Maxwell Lyric?

Anyone who has followed SoulBounce for any length of time, may know that I keep an eagle eye on Maxwell's MySpace page for any pertinent updates surrounding his long-awaited next release. Whether it's a profile photo change or a disappearing blog, I'm on it like the LAPD on Rodney King. So imagine my surprise when I logged onto the Space last night to see the following status update from Maxwell:
maxwell_myspace_lyric.JPGLet's take a closer look at this, shall we?

listen to the waves I feel when parts of u drip like raindrops from the sky

My, my, my. Sounds to me like Maxwell is trying to make it rain. Now that is either a lyric to a very sexy, as-yet-unheard song, or he has been getting high on Amy Winehouse's supply. I'm inclined to believe that it's the former. And his mood when he posted that update was "luminous" no less. Well, excuse me. Whatever this is and whatever it signifies, Maxwell really needs to stop playing with my emotions. Could Columbia please loose "Pretty Wings" and let it go already? What are they waiting on? Christmas? Well, it's right around the corner if that's the case, but something tells me that I won't be finding anything new by Maxwell under my tree this year.

Maxwell [Official][MySpace]


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  1. Let's hope that this 1.11.08 date on his blog is indication that PW will drop today.
    He is playing with ALL of us.
    You are not alone. I have been more addicted to this dangit computer knowing that shorty is on the other side laughing at us as we are dying for that album to drop.
    This is straight up comedy now! We will see. I said the same thing on his myspace page about those lyrics. That has to be a lyrical verse! Who goes around saying that with that big ole Buckwheat smile?! Just wondering!! Thanks for sharing!


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