How the Writer’s Strike Could Affect Mary J. Blige’s New Album


We knew it was only a matter of time before this blasted writer's strike started affecting the things we really care about, like the new Mary J. Blige album! Via Reuters:

Geffen general manager Jeff Harleston said that the label faces some unexpected obstacles in marketing the eagerly awaited release. Performances on TV are usually central to marketing strategies for Blige. But the Writers Guild of America strike has put most talk and variety shows in dry-dock,
limiting those opportunities for her.

The label is exploring several other avenues. Radio remains a major component, with "Just Fine" already No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 after six weeks. The song's video had the rare distinction of debuting simultaneously on BET, iTunes, MTV and VH1 October 25.

This is the time for Mary fans to come out and support her in force. "Just Fine" isn't doing as well as "Be Without You" for some reason. I've noticed that radio, at least here in DC, had been real slow to embrace the single. I suppose it just isn't "hood" enough. None of this means Growing Pains doesn't have legs. This is probably one of those cases where the album has to sell itself as much as possible.

No "Pains," No Gains for Blige [Reuters]

[Billboard cover via Maryluvs]


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  1. Heaven forbid she might actually have to tour!

  2. lol at Bernie


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