Morning Soul: Don’t Stop The Body Rock

  • Andre 3000
    is quite the thespian. [Wooohah!]
  • Should we be more upset at the fact that knockout vocalist Melinda Doolittle doesn't have a record deal or that she's schilling chicken fingers in bad commercials? [EW]
  • Timbaland is milking Shock Value for all it's worth with the release of a fourth single. [HHNL]
  • DJ Evil Dee chops it up with Format mag. [FM]
  • Care to find out what the top ten hip-hop songs honoring mothers are? [COM]

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2 Responses

  1. *smh* at Melinda's "crunch, crunch..oommmm

  2. poor Melinda.. I guess.
    She got paid, ya know..
    Isn't this Timbo's 5th single?
    "throw it on me" "give it to me" "apologize" "way i are"
    There's a video for "throw it on me"... I thought that the first single.
    Anyway -- tired of that CD. It's good.. but really.. not that good. And it's not like Nicole Scherzinger is really a bankable artist who adds something to a song.