YEAR-END TOP 10: nOva’s Picks of 2007

Counting down my personal picks from 2007. Ready? OK.


10. Kenna "Say Goodbye to Love"
Mad late with my Kenna purchase, but I've been digging the jumpoff single for Make Sure They See My Face for a minute. It could be regarded as typical Neptunes fare, but it's a frenetic dancefloor burner, if you're into that sort of thing. [WWW] [SB]


9. Jill Scott "Wanna Be Loved"
While everyone was tripping over themselves quoting the lyrics to "Crown Royale", I was falling into this track, over and over again. If Jill wants to beast on a track, she can, but other times she lightly kisses it and it's just as effective. I really love this woman, [WWW] [SB]


8. Blu & Exile: "Greater Love"
I'm madly, madly in love with this song. Everytime I think I'm getting tired of soul samples someone comes along and makes me a believer again. [WWW] [SB]


7. Common "Misunderstood"
I wasn't terribly impressed with Finding Forever and I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there giving Common a pass because he's Common. But this track was the standout, point blank. Can't go wrong with Nina Simone, and Bilal kills it at the end. (Helpful hint: If you ever want to hear some new Bilal, just pick up a new Common album when it comes out.) [WWW]


6. Timbaland "Oh Timbaland"
What did I tell you about a Nina sample? According to my stats, I wore this song OUT this year, and I don't argue with, even when it outs me as the quintessential Madonna fan. [WWW]


5. Talib Kweli "Hot Thing"
I'll never understand why this song didn't get more love if only by virtue of it's clever video and Will.I.Am's involvement. It's the catchiest song Kweli has ever done and had me earning more than my usual share of questioning looks on the train, rocking out to my ipod... [WWW] [SB]


4. Emily King "E Melody"

I didn't buy this album until I saw her live and this was the song she performed at the top. Youthful, fun, melodic. This one was definitely on repeat in 2007. [WWW] [SB]


3. Erykah Badu "Honey"
Is it any wonder? This song is hittin' real hard in the SoulBounce community right now and for good reason(s). We missed Erykah and this track is funky and smooth. Oh, and "9th Wonder is a wizard..." [WWW] [SB]


2. Mary J. Blige "Just Fine"
I'm partial to almost anything that reminds me of Disco-era Michael Jackson. Mary kept it positive and upbeat without being saccharine. And have you heard it in the club? People. Go. Bananas. [WWW] [SB]


1. Kanye West "Flashing Lights"

The BEST song that came out this year that never got an official video. Sure, KRS-One dogged it out by saying it's not Hip-Hop (?), but at the end of the day, very few Hip-Hop artists are willing to go here musically. Neither a traditional club banger or gritty street anthem, "Flashing Lights" is on some future soul sh*t. Major props for featuring Dwele. That's the thing I like about Kanye, not many artists at his level of mainstream visibility continue to represent for the underdogs. People need to seriously stop napping. [WWW]

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9 Responses

  1. Flashing Lights is still one of my favorites on this Kanye album! Hot Thing! Another great single this year. Great Pick Nova!!!

  2. I love flashing lights. U go wrong with Dwele on the track... Wanna be loved is my favorite but crown royal is fire.

  3. Say it with me...."Did-someone-say-Bilal?" Thanks for that helpful hint 😉
    Great list. I say I'm not a Kanye fan and I don't own any of his albums, but I must admit that there's not a song that has been released from this latest effort that I haven't liked. Flashing Lights is different (in a good way) and that's Kanye's specialty.
    Couple jams on here with which I'm not familiar. But that's the HNIC's educate the masses.

  4. Can't argue with your number one pick. It's one of my favorite songs this year. If I knew how to step the Chicago way, I be doing it hard to this song.
    On my list, I'd swap Jill's cd with Angie Stone's. I know this will be an unpopular opinion and I love Jill but compared to Angie, Jill sounds like a horny teenager.

  5. Wow..nice list NOVA!! I just agree with Jill's I wanna be loved..mmm I remember I was on the train singing the song with so much passion and people were I also like Come See Me and Whenever your around...
    Talib...Whooo...that cd is bananas! Hot thing is the shit! The album is fire from country cousins to hostile gospel to soon the new day! Talib lives through his fans and even though he doesnt get shown much love...we still got love for him. Ladies and Gents, you want a real album please go get Talib's!
    As far as Common goes, I have to disagree. Although Finding Forever wasn't up to par with BE..he still has some good tracks. Just cause he is Common and I'm a huge fan doesn't necessarily mean I will pass him! Common is doing his thing but Misunderstood is the hottest track but please let's not forget BLACK MAYBE with Bilal as well.
    Ms. Badu...I will get back to you when the album drops! Mary J, I will definitely be getting your album.
    Wake up Mr. West...Kanye is a genius and I love him as an artist and entertainer. Flashing Lights makes some hard times pass by for a sister. I love Kanye's LP and the track he got with MOS DEF!

  6. "It's so true what a song can get you through! It's like a love that's new when it's feeling good to you!"
    I have been BUMPING this song for the past few weeks. LOVES IT!

  7. Emily King looks like Jennifer Beals in that photo ... I did a double take. I loved her album.

  8. I would have Chrisette Michele on this list. I love Common's "Misunderstood", too.
    But even sampling Nina Simone for "Oh Timbaland" -- can't cover up the fact that Timbaland shouldn't rap.
    Dude has nothing to say.
    Jill's "Wanna Be Loved" is one of my favorites on her CD. I skip past "Crown Royal". Not sure why there was such hype over it... it's kinda corny to me.

  9. WOW at the comment about jill's album sounding like a horny teenager...i didn't know of any horny teens in high school that could come close to writing 'crown royal on ice'