Rhymefest Appropriates Michael Jackson’s Beats, Habit for Making Empty Promises


Look, we kinda dig Rhymefest. His "Angry Black Man On the Elevator" with Lil' Jon was the jumpoff. Amazingly. And, "Jeff N Fess" from Return of the Magnificent? Bad-ass!

In a couple of days he's dropping the Michael Jackson "Dedication" mixtape Man In the Mirror. [SIDEBAR: Which is worse? Looking in the mirror and seeing Michael Jackson? Or seeing Rhymefest? You only have one choice.] According to a boasting Myspace bulletin, don't go thinking he "did some cheesy sh*t; you know...just rapping over Thriller, Billie Jean, the standard classics. Oh no, my brothers and sisters: we dug in the archives for this one."

Which is exemplified in "Never Can Say Goodbye" featuring Talib Kweli, which I suppose is based on a song called "Never Can Say Goodbye," which must surely be the most obscure Michael Jackson track ever.

His boastfulness doesn't end there:

Let it be known: This is the first dedication album ever made like this. Anybody else who attempts to do it is a f*ckin' biter.

Ruh-ruh. Looks like someone hasn't heard The ARE's joint with Oh No and Kay. I'd venture to guess a lot of people haven't. So hop on over to FWMJ to download it. Then login to Myspace and send Rhymefest the link. He'll thank you, and the rest of us at Card-Pullers, Inc™.

Not for nothing, but I also want to point out JJ Brown's Re-Release Therapy, which took the vocals from Ludacris' Release Therapy and paired them with Jackson 5 beats. It's a mash album, not a "dedication", but it's flawless, superior to the original, and worth a mention. Some of us at SBHQ are feeling a little apathetic towards what we've heard from Man in the Mirror, but we understand Fest's game. He's a rapper; the boasting is par for the course.

Either way, I'm looking forward to it, because anything that uses old MJ beats can't be that bad. And also, Mark Ronson! Hello?

Rhymefest [Myspace]

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2 Responses

  1. i love this page
    and "never can say goodbye" isn't obscure
    it's a jackson5 album
    not to mention a title track written by clifton "amen" davis
    and even recorded by isaac hayes who also isn't obscure
    nevertheless keep up the good work, as we keep reading
    and lol @ rhymefest feeling himself too much on this one... peace

  2. I don't normally do this, but the statement I made about "Never Can Say Goodbye" was sarcasm. I, like most people, know that it's a classic J5 song. I would never put myself in the position of needing to be "schooled" on my own site.