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larry_35658a.jpgWe've largely stayed out of the whole Ike Turner Post-Death Pontification Marathon that's been in full effect net-wide since Wednesday. Yes, we've seen the movie, some of us have even read the book, and we get it! Also, we get that he's an accomplished musician. But we're not going to hop on either side of the fence in the discussion, mainly because, LAND MINES! Although SoulBounce is nothing if not opinionated, it's a tricky thing to even comment on and we're not.

So let's see what everyone else is saying! I've poured through the comments of some of my favorite blogs to determine the climate for each on the subject of Ike's death. Surprise! People just can't seem to shake the movie!

"I agree that we shouldn't completely speak ill of the dead. Ike was a great musician, and he did bring Tina into the spotlight. Of course, people tend to remember the negative more than the positive about the dead." --Cam/Ron @ Idoolator

"He wasn't only an abusive husband, he was crazy & coked out of his mind in the Ike & Tina days. My dad used to record in his studio that used to be on LaBrea and Fairview in Inglewood, he has first hand experience & a very funny machete knife wielding Ike Turner story to walk away with lol" --TunaButta @ HM

"Great musician. Horrible wife beating, terrible excuse for man. The devil doesn't deserve his ass." -- solitaire @ Stereohyped

"Oh wow I was first!! Lol!! But yea...sad..." --Chris @ CL

"Payback's a bitch." --"Tina Turner" @ TMZ

"Finally, an end to the ridiculous notions some had about the possibility of a reunion concert if not tour..." --Popcorn Chopsticks @ C+D

"The abuse she was subjected to, while most apalling, also helped to shape the woman she would become, as well as bring the world's attention to a very important issue - spousal abuse. I don't much care for the man, but he did - through some act of fate - play a little part in the much bigger picture known as Tina Turner." --A. Harris @ CNN

Rounding up: Death is karmic retribution, it's not okay to speak ill of the dead, it is okay to speak ill of the dead, the devil is kicking himself right now, and ass-whoopings just might be the secret ingredient to pop stardom. Everyone got that? Stay classy, people!

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2 Responses

  1. You forgot the NY Post:
    "Ike 'beats' Tina to Death"
    I ain't goin lie. I laughed.

  2. "Oh wow I was first!! Lol!! But yea...sad..." --Chris @ CL"
    Wow people are so pathetic with that "first" commenting crap on everyone's blog. But I gotta admit, when I first heard he died, I thought "Ok and?" He was a musical legend, but that doesn't mean we're all supposed to collectively shed a tear from him.


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