Well Damn, Tina!

ike_tina.jpgAs noted in today's Morning Soul, Tina Turner has finally responded to the news of Ike Turner's passing, in a manner.

"Tina is aware that Ike passed away earlier today. She has not had any contact with him in 35 years. No further comment will be made."

Brrrr. Let's infer things!

  • Tina Turner, like many of us, reads TMZ.
  • Tina Turner, like many of us, has seen What's Love Scott to Do, Scott to With it.
  • She's tired of talking about Ike, dead or alive.
  • She knows who Ike Turner is, and pretty much has other stuff to occupy herself with.

Let us not assume that she's dancing in the street like most of us were when Jerry Falwell kicked it, but perhaps she knows what she's capable of saying and has too much respect for the dead, and herself, to even take the bait.

Tina, I am so glad I'm on your side.

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3 Responses

  1. I don't know ... that kinda bothers me. Just a little. Without Ike - even if he was a monster - she wouldn't be here. But on the other hand, it is what it is, and I guess there's no need for her to cry fake tears either.

  2. You can't share part of your life with a person, have them pass, and not feel anything. But in her case, I'm sure it isn't love.

  3. You know Tina still has some love for Ike.
    Look, he turned her out and into the sensation that she is and became.
    In much the way that you have to acknowledge that every relationship changes you after it's over, their situation is no different.
    I'm not saying that what Ike did is right, and I don't think anyone will agree to that (except drug-addicted, Beatles wig-wearing spousal abusers), but Tina wants to live her life in peace and had already come to peace with their relationship.
    A sobbing display of emotion on the order of Cher at Sonny Bono's funeral will not be happening on this go-round.


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