YEAR-END TOP 10: Butta’s Picks of 2007

This was a very hard list to compile this year because there were so many songs that I loved, but I narrowed it down to songs that struck me from the first listen. And if you're wondering what's up with all these slow jams on my list, what can I say? I'm a lover not a fighter.

10. Musiq "Teachme"
Although Luvanmusiq is my least favorite Musiq album, "Teachme" was a song that I just couldn't get enough of. I loved the lyrical content and sentiment of this track. And how often do we hear a dude talking about surrendering his heart and wanting to be in love?
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9. Lenny Kravitz "I'll Be Waiting"
I had already fallen hard for this song the first time I heard it on Lenny's MySpace page, but when he performed this joker live on the American Music Awards it was a wrap. I haven't been this open for a Kravitz track in a while, but this song is too beautiful to deny.
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8. Keite Young featuring N'dambi "If We Were Alone"
I was really feeling this song from newcomer Keite when I first heard it, but it was the oh-so-sexy music video that took my adoration to another level. This was one of the tightest duets in a minute. But how salty was I to hear that there is no actual 5th Street and Hollywood when I chatted with Keite? That's good to know cause I woulda truly been looking for that corner with a flashlight in the daytime on my next trip to L.A.
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7. Ledisi "Joy"
I dug so many songs from Lost and Found, but this is far and away my favorite. It's a flirty track with a mid-tempo groove and a catchy chorus. I saw her perform this live at an in-store appearance a few months ago, and she killed this joint. I had gotten it on video and was sick after I erased it by accident. Hopefully there are plans to release this album cut as a single next year.
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6. Ne-Yo "Do You"
Yeah, I'm a closet Ne-Yo fan. Sue me. He's not exactly Burt Bacharach or Babyface, but this dude can write the heck out of a song. And he manages to save some good stuff for himself, and "Do You" is one such song. This was a sweet little ditty that I found myself stopping to sing along to quite often.
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5. Mary J. Blige "Just Fine"
Nova and I take turns stanning for MJB on SoulBounce, and this is the one song in common on both of our lists for a reason. "Just Fine" found Mary channeling a bygone era musically and stylistically and getting her groove on once again. This track is pure fun, and when was the last time we heard Mary sing with a smile on her face?
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4. Raheem DeVaughn "Woman"
I'm so glad that Raheem came back strong with "Woman" as the first single off of his next CD. This song is a feel-good anthem celebrating women, and it's great to have a brotha recognize how wonderful I am we are.
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3. Chrisette Michele "Golden"
In this day and age of low morals and even lower music, this song was a refreshing departure from the norm. To hear this young whippersnapper singing about the golden days of love with such conviction and fire blew me away. I just love how she went against the grain, and it didn't come off as cheesy or preachy. I really connected with this song. Give me more music like this, please.
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2. Jill Scott "Crown Royal"
Say what you want about "Crown Royal," but this is the sexiest Jill Scott song ever. And I love all 1 minute and 48 seconds of it. I identify with this whole album and where Jill is in her life right now. She is getting her grown woman on, and I'm not mad at her. Now someone pass me some ice.
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1. Eric Roberson "Pretty Girl"
My favorite album of the year (as if there was any other choice being the avowed Eric Roberson fan that I am) produced my favorite song of the year, "Pretty Girl." The combination of Erro, James Poyser and J Dilla was pure musical magic. This song is one of Eric Roberson's career bests.
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6 Responses

  1. I see why we cool. EXCELLENT list. I think if I were to compile a top 10 (not that I could be that decisive) 90%, if not more, of these would be on it.
    But um, 'scuse me, you cannot have Pretty Girl and Woman be about you! Pick one! The other is mine!
    Not familiar with the Lenny joint. If you say it's the ish, I'm on it. You never steer me wrong.
    Happy Holidays Soul Bounce editors!!!!

  2. Great list, my friend.
    And after seeing your boy live the other night, I'm officially an Erro stan. lol
    Happy Holidays to you and the SoulBounce crew! You guys are the first site I check every day. 🙂
    Respect ...

  3. This site is fantastic. Don't give up, people will come.

  4. Just happened upon uour blog - I love it! Thanks for the tip on Ledisi; and Jilly (from Philly) has a mix of Crown Royal called "Imagination/Crown Royal Suite"; you might like it -

  5. that is a great list---I would have added three more to the list
    W.Ellington Felton-D.C.'s best /R. Devaugh B.F.
    Bilal Salaam--two words ("amazing voice")
    Reel people- they killed a Thelma Hurston original ("used to hold me so tight")

  6. Avatar

    i am THE BIGGEST FAN OF NE-YO!!! I don't know why but at his age he is such a charmer with looks and in his music.I would love and i mean LOVE to meet some day, but i live in south africa and him in the usa but a girl could dream... The only thing i don't like about him is the picture of him arrested and DRUNK! But i know he won't do that again.