Amanda Diva’s Blog Takeover

amanda_diva_blog.jpgWe're big fans of artist blogs here at SoulBounce. Phonte of Little Brother, ?uestlove, and Eric Roberson regularly keep us entertained and informed with their online missives, and now there's a new blog that I've added to my Bloglines: DivaSpeakTV by Amanda Diva. Last month I gave Diva props for her video for her single "Supa-Woman" and her digital EP Life Experience dropped on December 18th on iTunes. She ended '07 on a high note and has kicked "Da Ocho" off mightly nicely with a blog that features Amanda and her 31 flavors of jokes. Not only is she witty and pretty but the sista can write (she began her career as a journalist) and though her blog is fresh on the block it's pretty interesting so far and a great accompaniment to her MySpace blog.

Amanda Diva [Official][MySpace][Blogspot][YouTube]
Life Experience [iTunes]

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  • She reminds me of that chick Mystic that came out a few years back. Is she still in Floetry?


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