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I first heard of this cat right around the time I discovered that the hot new spot around the corner from my crib (that I did not know existed, of course) had just hosted a performance of his that I totally missed. Like many of you, I adore live music not only by great artists but those who float terribly below the surface of what is considered great yet "unmarketable". It's artists like these who I treasure but watch hungrily, like a lover afraid to share their beloved with the rest of the world for fear that they may become infatuated with all of the inevitable paramours that come their way...and no longer appreciate my adoration. Case in point: Urban Hang Suite was a little known album I bought on sale at a deeply discounted rate at my local retailer when it was first released in 1996. The Maxwell performance I attended a month later, while it drew a moderately-sized crowd, was the last time I would ever be able to gaze into his eyes as he sang (just to me, mind you). One month after that, "Don't Ever Wonder" dropped and Maxwell was no longer only mine. I had to share him with the world. It is this same affection that I feel for Peter Hadar

This dude can sang. His lyrics are poignant, and make me want to read them sans music. He has graced stages with SoulBounce favorites Eric Roberson and Bilal. His debut album, Memories of The Heart, contains ten songs that like a ripe pomegranate, are bursting with love gems that are all just as sweet and just as seductive as the bite before. If you're looking for an album to bump on your way to work, while you're at the gym, and on your date later on that night to end the night off right, Peter's got you covered. 

Peter Hadar: "Xplosive"

Peter Hadar: "Marvin"

Peter Hadar [MySpace]

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  1. Thanks for posting this because Peter has been on my radar for a have a million other artists...and I hadn't gotten a chance to listen to his stuff. I am really feeling this cat and sorry I missed him when he was in the area performing some time last year. Both tracks you posted had me grooving here at work. That Marvin track in particular would go real well with somethindg I do on my site. Anywho, I am definitely going to put this album on my never-ending "to cop" list. Thanks Ill Mami and SB for showing us the light!


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