Do You Know Who Frankie Is?


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Frankie's My Heart Belongs to You was released in the fall of 1997, when Bad Boy Hitman Chucky Thompson launched his own Chucklife imprint under Sony. The entire vibe of the album follows in the footsteps of Faith's first release as well as Mary J.'s My Life, with a focus on smooth, romantic downtempo tracks. Faith and Mary, as well as 112, Stevie J and Diddy, all contributed in various capacities on the project, so it was really an extended-family affair. Shame on everyone that didn't cop this joint!

Frankie: "Dear Love"

Frankie: "If I Had You (Chucklife Remix)" ft. Jadakiss

Frankie: "Think of You" ft. Faith Evans & Q and Daron of 112

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4 Responses

  1. Now that's doin' your homework! I still bump this in my ipod, I remenber in 97 when I saw the video for "If I had you" and I always liked the beat that he and Jay-Z used so I got the CD & I've been putting people on to frankie ever since. This is probably the best most slept on CD in the past 10 years maybe he'll make a comeback!

  2. I still love this CD! he was ahead of the game in the whole Neo-soul category. This is a must have for any soul collector I'll put it up against many so called R&B albums today & Frankie would WIN!
    BTW could you send me the "If I had you remix"? it's the only song from him I don't have & it's hard to find! Thanks in Advance!

  3. thanks for this hint on on 90ies soul. didn´t know him til now.
    What is he doing these days, still in music?

  4. Man ever since i first got the cd in 97..I put amm my peeps on this. Even everyone in my old group Damage' (Damajee') man this is to be honest my favorite cd of all time. Equivelent to the first Jagged edge cd. If you enjoy real R&B..Here you go. Frankies, voice is underrated. This cd if promoted better could have hit 97 hard.


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