Faith Evans: ‘They Wanna Know’

faith-1200861898.jpgI tried doing some intel on the full-length track and hit dead end after dead end. That said, here's a snippet of "They Wanna Know" by Faith Evans.

For starters, how dope is it that she used the Heath Brothers sample that fortified Nas' "One Love"? That's enough to keep rap aficionados and DJs going bananas. Then, we have the lyrics:

They wanna know / is it the truth some people think I'm fallin' off / It's at the point sometimes I just don't care at all / so many people out there praying for my fall / Hater...Hater....

Ouch. What's happened in the last 2.5 years that we need to be aware of? Call us, Faith! We're dying for an interview!

The jury's still out on whether this will appear on her next release, so enjoy how little of this we have now. If you play it four times back to back, it's almost like listening to a whole song!

Faith Evans: "They Wanna Know" (snippet)

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