Ghostface: ‘Stop Downloading My Album’

ghostface.jpgOriginal Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah recently pleaded with fans via video to stop downloading his album and instead purchase his latest, The Big Doe Rehab, at your local retailer. "Real talk...I thought y'all loved me, man," a disappointed Ghost says during the clip and then offers a bargain: for any fan who can bring a CD of Big Doe Rehab to one of his live shows, Ghost offers the opportunity to have a "personal meeting," then adds a suggestive wink. I myself have never partied with the god, but best believe that there will be some greenery involved. 

Ghost's begging for his fans to resort to legitimate means to hear his music (and make some paper) also comes on the heels of Raekwon's claim that Jay-Z and Kanye West in particular should donate $100,000 each to inner-city youth in order to reconnect with their "hood" roots. When asked if he would be willing to set the lead and donate himself, Rae responded that his lack of adequate finances could not allow him to do this.  

Hey, at least they're honest about the state of their broke-ness. Ghost's video after the jump.

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