‘I Believe’ in Q-Tip & D’Angelo

Here's some heat from the sorely missed Q-Tip and D'Angelo. "I Believe" is funky and smooth, like an impromptu jam session after some Jack and a little chief. If this track really was as spontaneous as it sounds, then that's the mark of when two capable musicians get together. Being able to shoot from the hip and make magic without the pretense is what the game needs more of.

"I Believe" appears on Open The Mixtape: Abstract Innovations, because it will end up on The Renaissance, but only because it came from Open. Whatever the case, Soulquarians represent!

Q-Tip ft. D'Angelo: "I Believe"

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  1. I agree. Sounds just like a funky jam session. To have been a fly on the wall. HOTNESS indeed.


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