“Live” Blog This YouTube: The Jackson Five NYE Bash

Not for nothing, but I couldn't not post this video after all the ranting I did about it. So, let's see. Questions!

  • What the eff going on here?
  • Did the Jacksons "do" anything?
  • Why is Jermaine Dupri the DJ?
  • Who is that chicky-poo about to drop it like it's hot?

If someone could give me a minute-by-minute account of this I'd really appreciate it, because I need to make sure my eyes aren't playing tricks on me.

[H/T: SRose]

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3 Responses

  1. The Jacksons are engaging in the garden variety, all too common activity of "hosting" a party.
    Do you not have an email inbox flooded with promoter solicitations excitedly touting that some random professional athlete or fleeting television personality will be "hosting" at one of DC's many mainstream megaclubs?
    Hosting generally consists of four possibilities. Here they are in order of frequency.
    - celebrity will greet the party-goers, hang out for about 20 minutes then leave the premises.
    - celebrity causes a brief stir at the entrance and is then whisked away to the VIP room, never to be seen again by the commoners.
    - celebrity is placed in some prominent place in the club to be gawked at the entire evening and lend status to the management and promoters.
    - celebrity might join the DJ in the booth, play hypeman and maybe do some karaoke to some of their songs if they happen to be a musical artist. If the night is really special they may pour shots of champagne down chicks' throats Jamie Foxx style.
    There's big money involved though I doubt the Jacksons need it. Must have been a personal favor for someone.

  2. Holy moly you actually did it.
    Now I need a million bucks and an Orangina. Make it happen!


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