‘Love Thirst” Leaves Jean Grae Wanting More


Aside from the synthesizer and snare-heavy late '80's sound of New Jack Swing, my other favorite contemporary R&B era was the Hip Hop/R&B merging of sounds of the early '90's. Imagine my surprise when I came across the new Jean Grae track "Love Thirst" that at first left me scratching my head a bit, then had fully won me over. Jean's usual hardcore, battle rhyming style at first had me wondering whether "Love Thirst" referred to the dry throat that one might encounter after attempting to battle her in a cypher and losing. After hearing her say "I'll play the nurse, you play the patient," I then knew that Jean was going the "smoothed out on the R&B tip with a hip hop feel to it" kind of a thang. Despite the sometimes corny, cliched lines that Jean finds herself saying to her paramour, this 9th Wonder-produced track manages to sound fresh all while paying homage to the old school. Tell me that you're not reminiscing of Mary J's early works when you listen to this track, that seems perfect for red light specials. 

Jean Grae: "Love Thirst"


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2 Responses

  1. This was refresheeeg, after continuous triple snare beats its was a welcome refreshment like stickin yo head above the cloud for a mo and breathin. I luv this track. spittin real blaze ryhnes and not talkin 1000 day old refried bullsh*t. Imagination to the hjilt I luv it

  2. The female version of "Hot Thing", she is going to blow up with this next album, I'm getting it I know that. She got to monster singles, she needs a video and she'll be ready to take the game.


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