Pete Rock: ‘New York hasn’t had an album like this in such a long time.’

A few things that caught my attention while watching this promo video for Pete Rock's upcoming NY's Finest:

  • The thought of 9th Wonder and his mama nodding their heads to a Pete Rock beat makes me chuckle.
  • Don't let Diddy hear any of this lovefest, Kanye. He invented the remix, remember?
  • The "Shut 'Em Down" remix was that ish.
  • "Age is not a factor when you're a genius." Pharrell better preach up in here.
  • Love Pete's Beat Street-inspired Spit LV t-shirt.
  • Renee Neufville!
  • Rell?
  • So Pete said that "New York hasn't had an album like this in such a long time." Damn skippy.
  • Jim Jones is one dusty mofo. He makes me want to take a shower.
  • I don't ever picture myself listening to Jim Jones on my way to church even if he is on a Pete Rock beat, but that's just me.

I'm mad excited for this CD to drop. Anyone else? Mark your calendars for February 26th.

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1 Response

  1. Jermaine Jackson is to greasy as Jim Jones is to scuzzy. They both make me want to go take a powder shower.