Today is Mary J.’s Birthday. She’s 37. nOva Feels Old.


The SoulBounce crew would like to wish Mary J. Blige a very HAPPY birthday, mainly because we'd like to stress that her pain isn't what makes us enjoy her work. Via MTV:

"When I took the chance to show people I can be happy, I lost of a million of my fans," she told the magazine (VIBE). "I was like, 'I'm gonna have to lose ya'll in order for us to live, because if I keep going down this dark hole, we're all gonna die together. I'm gonna slit my wrists or take some pills, and it's gonna be over." That's why Blige feels obliged to write more love songs than ever before, which she dedicates to her husband. "That's my buddy, my best friend, my business partner," she said. "He's got my back like nobody's ever had my back. I feel like God used him to come and pull me together."

Don't fret, Mary. We got your back, too. Now excuse me while I get ready to apply for my 30 & Over club card.


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  1. Me & Butta are here waiting with your exclusive membership card to the "Dirty 30's" club. Please don't trip over the velvet rope 🙂


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