Amy Winehouse Is So Hood

Amy Winehouse's performance on the Grammy Awards 50th anniversary show has been the talk of the town, and after being on GrAmy Watch here at SoulBounce, we definitely got caught up in the hype and sat through that dreadful show patiently waiting for her to come on.

Although Wino's performance wasn't the hot mess that it could have been, it did provide some priceless moments and evidence that Amy is straight ghetto. She's like the British Fantasia with a fifth of gin and track marks. Between her offbeat weeble-wobble dancing and singing with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek, she was quite a sight and sound. But it was her multiple shout outs to her jailbird husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, that solidified her gangsta.

When she shouted "MY BLAKE!" in the middle of "You Know I'm No Good" or when she changed the line in "Rehab" to "I'd rather be
at home with my Blake" or later when she thanked "my Blake incarcerated" during her Record of the Year acceptance speech, it was crystal clear that Amy is truly sprung a ride or die chick. Here's to her continuing to clean up her act so that the latter doesn't happen prematurely. We're sure that Ray Ray and Joe wouldn't want that either.

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3 Responses

  1. Couldn't have said it any better. Hilarious. But,you left out the part where she calls out what I'm guessing is his prison number.

  2. I thought this was so sad. I loved her and the Dap Tones (?) album. But I wondered why no-one but Natalie Cole said anything, it was if the performance was great. What soul singer of today or ever was able to get on TV and perform in the same manner she did and not get any backlash. When Whitney was high and still singing, still singing but sweaty, she received so much backlash for it. She still is. This girl was videotaped smoking Crack and she gets five Grammy's. Loved the album but I am sorry a Black artist would have neva ever gotten away with that. All I can say is this was definitely an example of white privilege. For the record I am not a bigot.

  3. I see the problem I hav with Natalie is that she didn't give back nay of her Grammy's and yes she was knee deep in her addiction when she got hers also. Whitney also got her Grammy's and was knee deep in her addiction. So why can't Amy?


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