‘Black Magic’ Soundtrack is Music for the Soul

Black Magic Sdtk small.jpgOn March 16 and 17, ESPN, in collaboration with Shoot the Moon
Productions and filmmaker Dan Klores, will air Black Magic, a
documentary chronicling the injustice black players and coaches from Historically Black Colleges and Universities had to
endure during the civil rights era. The four hour program will be
broken up in two parts, focusing on the struggles of Historically Black
Colleges and Universities back in the 1960s. 

Just as importantly, on March 11th, Rhino/Warner Music Group
will release the soundtrack to the doc, filled to the brim of yo'
daddy's flapjack cap with some of the baddest soul music of the era.
With tracks from Earth, Wind & Fire, Graham Central Station, Booker
T. & the MG's
, The Bar-Kays and Tower of Power all rolled into one
package, the disc will probably have you putting up a fist and fighting the powers-that-be.

Kudos to the Worldwide Leader for airing the film (even if it's not during Black History Month), and to Rhino for the hits. Check the full soundtrack lineup here.

ESPN airs Black Magic [TNA]

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  1. Am I going crazy, or did I hear something during last night's broadcast of Black Magic about Rhino releasing a four-disc box set of the soundtrack music? I know that the series uses portions of 51 different tunes, which would be about the number that would fit on four CDs. I can't find anything online about a four-disc version, only the single disc, 13-song collection. Don't get me wrong, the single-disc version looks great, but I don't want to buy it if there's a more complete box set coming out.
    I hope it's true, because for soul searchers like myself, it is the rare tracks that make collections like this so desirable.
    If you haven't seen Black Magic, I urge you to check it out. I was mesmerized by the first two hours that ESPN aired last night. Kudos!
    ~Jeff Eason


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