Chrisette Michele And Fefe Dobson Songs Featured In Commercials


Imagine my surprise when I was watching television the other day and a commercial came on for Nivea lotion, and I heard Chrisette Michele's distinctive voice coming through the TV speakers. Sure enough, her song "Love Is You" from I Am is featured in a new advert for the luxurious line of body moisturizers. I came up short trying to find the commercial online, but Nivea's website is currently using the track as background music.

And speaking of background music, a song by the woefully underappreciated Fefe Dobson is played in a commercial for the new NBC series Lipstick Jungle.
"Watch Me Move" can be heard while Brooke Shields and company strut around in Sex In the City 17.0 (I've lost count of the knockoffs). Check it:


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  1. yea but didn't john legend write that chrisette michele song, so she ain't getting a penny. that his publishing shopping that song the way it's suppose to be done. lololol.


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