Conya Doss Wants To Do ‘Something 2Nite’


If Eric Roberson is the King of Independent Soul Music, then Conya Doss has got to be in line for the Queendom. This gorgeous Ohio-born, bred and based singer is readying the release of her fourth album this spring, and the first track has surfaced to whet people's appetites. "Something 2Nite" is Conya's most commercial sounding record to date. The song sounds like a throwback to the early '90s with its synthesized groove and catchy chorus. All that's missing is a guest rap from Father MC and a Billie Woodruff-directed video filled with bright colors, shiny suits and a dance routine choreographed by Fatima Robinson.

Conya Doss: "Something 2Nite"

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5 Responses

  1. plzzz help me an tryna summit a myspace and it says enter url wat i put init i tryed the myspace url then my global grind url and it says invaled

  2. I vote no.
    Still love you though, Conya!

  3. i really like conya. i hope she is not gonna go pop like so many other artists do just to make it big.

  4. This song is ok, if this is what it takes to get her to the mainstream then go for it!! This is her 4th album she has paid her dues, it's her time!