Etta James On Beyoncé Casting: ‘She’s going to have a hill to climb’


It seems as if a lot of SoulBouncers are giving the news of Beyoncé being cast as Etta James the serious side-eye. Can't say that I blame folks, but I'm willing to give Bey the benefit of the doubt. For now. Etta James herself sounds as if she's taking the same approach. Ms. James talked to about the hottest chick in the game and she had a few choice quotes that deserve a closer look.

Etta on Beyoncé: "I don't think she looks like me, but that's all right. They can fix that up," (In other words, feed that child some fatback, friend chicken, collard greens, cornbread and pound cake!)

Etta on her wild life: "Oh my god, she's going to have a hill to climb, because Etta James ain't been no angel!" (Etta, Beyoncé dates Jay-Z. Trust me, she ain't been no angel neither.)

Etta on working with Beyoncé on her vocals: "I kinda have a man's voice. It's a contralto, more bluesy, religious. I would really like to work with her on that." (Translation: I will beat her like she stole something if she messes up my "At Last.")

Etta on Beyoncé's background versus hers:
"I wasn't as bourgie as she is, she's bourgeois. She knows how to be a
lady, she's like a model. I wasn't like that...I smoked in the
bathroom in school, I was kinda arrogant, so those are some of the
things I would want to tell her." (Beyoncé bourgeois? Etta's a comedian, too.)

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3 Responses

  1. I love Etta. I swear these old school artists shoot from the hip!

  2. You are a fool, B!
    She is dead on about several things, of course, but she definitely speaks to one thing I said in the last post. Etta has a man voice. B has...a lot of work to do.
    B is one biscuit away from Etta's size. Look at her Momma. It's in the genes. That won't be a problem.
    B is a hard worker though so I do think she will give this her all. I don't stan for her but you can't say she doesn't work hard. She's a Virgo, therefore she is a perfectionist and very hard on herself. So let's see what she can do.

  3. B is a hard worker and being a Virgo certainly contributes. No one works harder than they do. I'm sure she'll give it her all, but I question her acting skills. We'll see and she still gets the side-eye.


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