So Why Did India Arie Boycott Grammy?

india-272210.jpgWhen India Arie was presenting the award for Outstanding Drama at the 39th NAACP Image Awards, she pointedly said that she boycotted the Grammys with no supplementing details. As it turns out, she stayed home because she "feels the awards have become increasingly political." You could've knocked me over with a feather with that one. I really dig India. However, I almost want to say she should've known that much going into the game. Substance is awarded at Grammy, if that substance has a decent amount of hype and visibility driving it. The recognition is often in being nominated, so labels can preface an artist's name with "Grammy Nominated" and NARAS can fill up some seats. Grammy wears it's political machinations much in the same way Corey Hart wears his sunglasses at night. In other words, she was tired of losing to Alicia Keys. Her, and the rest of the world. [AMS]

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  1. I do think she's still pissed about '02 ... and I think I might be too if I were her. Because if you stack up those debuts, India wins on every count. I was hot that she didn't get a single award that night. 'Songs in A Minor' was not hot like that and I could list any number of theories about why Alicia walked away with an armful of trophies, but I won't go there. I was upset with that foolishness as I watched it the other night and I'm not even a recording artist ... so I can only imagine how she must feel.

  2. I, for one, am SICK TO DEATH of Alicia Keys. I'm not taking anything away from her, but Clive must be spinning that wheel awfully hard. If you're an artist in a category with her it seems a foregone conclusion that you will lose to her. And her songs are played ad-nauseum on the radio. She's litterally force-fed down our throats! India has some good music and it's too bad the Grammy voting is political.

  3. I think she knows she is going to lose to Alicia and thinks that is an injustice, and therefore decides to boycott. I mean Kanye hates losing to anybody. He just doesn't think he will. Kanye rants she Boycotts.

  4. i agree with her to an extent...i mainly watch the grammy's for the fashion...don't really care who wins...people get so caught up over the hype and don't realize that winning an award doesn't validate your music...i'll take quality (erykah, jill) over quantity (alicia, beyonce) anyday...

  5. India Arie should feel that way....especially since the Grammys tries to disguise itself as an award show that honors artists based on substance. That is a fairytale. India Arie's music is waaayyyy better than Alicia's.

  6. I feel ya. When artists like India Arie open their mouths and say things like this, it almost seems stupid. How long have you been in the game? You haven't figured it out yet.
    Don't get me wrong, girl. I dig your style and your music. But let me give you some advice: No one cares about you saying you're boycotting the Grammies. If you really want to make a statement, play the game... do what you have to to get that Grammy... THEN during your acceptance speech, get on your soapbox and tell everyone the deal.
    Anything less just seems like you hatin' on other people crankin' out the bland radio hits.
    I'm hatin' on bland radio-friendly music too, but I just assume people are smart enough to know the deal.

  7. I see how she has a right to feel that way, but making a point of it at this juncture (when she has no full lengths projects out) just seems belated. A silent protest kind of would've rocked a bit more.

  8. I'm not really defending the Grammys, per se, but I do agree that this is the game you sign up for when you agree to release an album on a major label. Grammy voting is only done by people who have credits in the categories that their previous releases show proven experience in. And I love me some India, but Motown should NEVER have let the Clive Davis machine run ramshod over her like he's done! People only vote for you when they KNOW your music (by listen or name recognition) and they have to feel compelled to check the box on your behalf. That's how Outkast won for Speakerboxx/Love Deluxe in a highly-contested category that year, and how other "sleeper faves" even sneak onto the ballot in the first place. Kanye loses because people are tired of him talking shit, plain and simple. He should take that under advisement, if he could shut his ego up long enough to hear what folks are saying.